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Account Manager

Our Social Media Management services are designed to grow your brand's online presence

Paid Ads

Create engaging social media advertisements, laser-target a specific, relevant audience, analyze data, A/B testing, and optimize ads

Community Manager

Ensuring customer comments and messages are responded to in a timely manner


Creating a Social Media presence that identifies and differentiates you from your competition

Strategy Consulting

We’ll be your guide and help build strategies for your Social Media campaigns


Whether it’s for an anniversary or birthday party, graduation, public or private event. We got you covered!

We are VisualMedia. Our priority is to capture the attention of your target market through our social media management services. We work together with our clients to connect them with the right audience.

Why choose VisualMedia?

No longer can an online marketing strategy be taken seriously without a solid social media presence.


We provide a custom dashboard log-in where you can track all your social media campaigns


Graphic designers with more than 10 years experience


Reps with over a decade in customer service and social media

Before you can tell me how great your business is, or how awesome your product is, you need the most important commodity in the world: ATTENTION

Gary Vee

Get your business on the most engaging social media platforms available today

Look where the ATTENTION is!


Facebook is the most used app in the world


Snapchat is the 2nd most downloaded app in the U.S.


Instagram is the 5th most popular app in the world


If you’re not on social media, you are behind.

Let us save you time!

On any given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the United States.

Source: Nielsen Media Impact, Reach Duplication, Nielsen Total Media Fusion/GfK MRI Survey of The American Consumer 9/1/2015 – 9/30/2015 (Television, Internet, and Mobile).

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