Should You Hire a Social Media Agency or a Social Media Marketing Manager?

Social media marketing, similar to other forms of advertisement, has become an integral component of most businesses today. Usually, most business owners and marketing managers wear multiple hats hence tend to neglect social media. Consequently, the management is faced with the question of whether to hire an in-house social media marketing manager or a social media marketing agency to handle business matters relating to social media. Both options have advantages and limitations as we will see in the next sections.
Who can identify a company’s brand better?
The main advantage of hiring an in-house social media manager is the fact that employees are more updated on the company’s news and can easily capture media and content on-site. This is also one of the drawbacks of hiring an agency, although it can be addressed by maintaining frequent communication between the company and the agency.
What is more cost-effective, hiring in-house or hiring an agency?
Usually, hiring full-time employees requires the employer to consider payroll taxes, health benefits, office space, and equipment needs among others. With an agency, however, it is much cheaper as one has to pay only for the services received excluding additional costs such as benefits and pensions.
Who can execute?
Compared to an in-house social media marketing department, a social media agency has more human and mechanical resources as well as expertise. As such, an agency is more likely to perform a comprehensive job which an in-house team may find challenging. Furthermore, an agency is more likely to be better connected within various social media platforms, hence has a wider reach compared to the company. An in-house department may take significantly longer to acquire a network similar to that of an agency.
In summary, the question of whether to hire a social media marketing manager or agency may be determined by the specific needs of the company. However, based on statistics from market research, hiring a social media agency is more business savvy compared to an in-house employee.
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